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Celebrating Women

“Trying to be a man is a waste of a woman,” said Coco Chanel,
the iconic French fashion designer. Her words encapsulating the strength of being a woman.

Women embody the qualities of endurance, empathy, creativity, tolerance, gentleness, kindness and integrity. The strength and uniqueness of a woman can be compared to no other. They constantly must deal with surmountable issues emotionally, physically, and spiritually, yet handle them with ease.

Women, however, give little credit to their strength, their being and their uniqueness. Always  putting others before themselves, sacrificing for the good of the family, it is no wonder why women’s health problems are on the rise.

This International Women’s Day we invite all women to celebrate your femininity and set the wheels in motion for a healthier you in 3 simple ways.

 1.Embrace femininity with self-care 

Often mistakenly equated with being self- indulgent, self-care is really about taking care of yourself, vital for your health and well-being.

Start by allowing yourself time to take a pause in the day. It can just simply be to take a nap, stretch in a yoga class or indulge in massage.

Next nourish and get active. Ensure you fuel yourself with a well balance diet rich in iron, calcium and vitamin D. Exercise 2- 3 times a week to boost your energy, de-stress and keep your heart healthy.

2.Respect yourself and set boundaries 

Women tend to struggle with setting healthy boundaries, driven by an underlying fear of rejection. This invites mistreatment and sacrificing your needs and wants. It equates to neglecting yourself to appease others.

Learning to set boundaries and saying no will actually improve your relationships as people understand your needs better and more importantly your mental wellbeing.

3.Explore what being a woman means to you

For every woman, being a woman means something different. All women carry within themselves a powerful energy stream, a volcano of passion. What is yours? Take time to reconnect within and rediscover what makes you tick.

As an empowering gift to all women, we have specially crafted a bespoke program for you. Our WOMEN’S HOLISTIC HEALTH PROGRAM not only addresses your physical and emotional health but also hormonal imbalances. A perfect opportunity for you to set some boundaries, practice self-care and explore within.

Take advantage of our Spring Promotion and embark on a celebration of your femininity today!

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