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Wellness Trends for 2022

The year has taken off and we look at some health and wellbeing trends
that look set to grow in 2022.

Immune Boosting

As a result of the pandemic, there is a growing urge to boost one’s immune health. Supplements, vitamin infusions and quick fixes have been flying off the rack, but people are realising that the only sustainable way is a holistic approach encompassing good nutrition, stress management, detoxification and physical exercise such as Absolute Sanctuary’s Immune Boosting program.

Wellness Travel

Grounded to a halt over the last 2 years, travel looks set to resume in 2022, with rising global vaccination rates and reopening of borders. The pandemic has made people reflect on how they travel and we believe that wellness travel is set to take off more than ever. A trip to recharge, rejuvenate and revitalise is on the cards!

From Detox programs, to rest and rebalance or  Lifestyle change programs, one will be spoilt for choice at Absolute Sanctuary for that perfect wellness sojourn.

Mental Wellness

Increasing awareness of mental health over the last few years is set to continue in 2022. People will continue to explore ways such as mindful practices, positive thinking and meaningful social interactions to enhance their mental wellness.

For this, look no further than our Mindfulness program specially crafted to encompass all the tools you need for your mental wellbeing.

Hormonal Balance

The ups and downs of the pandemic have upended cycles and women’s hormones have been thrown out of whack. There will be a need for rebalancing these hormones for physical , mental and emotional wellbeing.

Absolute Sanctuary’s bespoke Women’s Holistic Health program focuses on just that, rebalancing hormones holistically and empowering the feminine energy.

Facial Wellness

People are discovering that our faces hold tremendous tension and stress which contributes to fine lines and wrinkles. Exercising the muscles in the face will not only release tension and stress but also iron out wrinkles, fine lines and improve the overall appearance.

Try our new facial yoga treatments available in our  Anti Stress and burnout or yoga holiday programs.


With Thailand now opened to fully vaccinated travellers, take advantage of
our Welcome Back Promotion 

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